"The Night People," Pithead Chapel 

Larry Brown Short Story Contest, Runner up 

"Those They Left Behind,Everything Change Climate Anthology

"As I Make my Crooked WayCRAFT 


"How I Learned to Stay Alive," Short Éditions 

"Sinkholes," Pidgeonholes, October 

"The Nesting Instincts of Solitary Birds,Split Lip, April

"Still Life," Yalobusha Review, March

Barry Hannah Prize in Fiction, runner up 


"When I Dreamed of Mermaids," Raleigh Review, October

"Carry Your Own," Pigeon Pages, September 

2019 Flash Contest Honorable Mention


"Where I'd Start Again," Appalachian Heritage, Fall 

"Higher Ground,BULL: Men's Fiction, Fall 

"What We Bury, What We Keep," december magazine, Fall 

"Rituals,Foglifter Press, Fall

"To Health," The Sonora Review, Winter

2018 flash contest finalist 

"Jump School," Dead Mule School for Southern Literature, Spring 

"Prestigious MFA Programs as Men You Meet on Tinder,McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Spring

"RemnantsCleaver Magazine 

and prior